3D Wall Panels

Premium 3D Wall Panels in Karachi

Can’t find a place for a new piece of furniture or are you just looking for something unique? Transform your home into a 3D puzzle and make it look worth a million!

So let’s liven up your walls with our best 3D Wall Panels. These are designed for a variety of uses including making framed picture frames, accent walls, or even the whole room! Although these are specifically designed to be applied to walls, it can also be applied to any flat surface area to give it more life.

These wall panels are made from bamboo, sugarcane and other plant fibres. They have a non-toxic water-based paint and are 100% biodegradable. These panels come in either matte or glossy finishes for both a contemporary or retro look. The 3D emboss durable waterproof material is resistant to mildew, stains and odours and has superior insulation properties that can help you save on your energy costs by preventing heat gain or loss in the home.

At De Interior, you can find the best quality 3D wall panels that not only add an amazing art to your house but also offer a fashionable and stylish view at a great value of money.

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