Carpet Tile


Flooring is an investment to make your rooms more comfortable and livable. And speaking of floors, carpet tiles are a great alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting. They are the perfect solution for any room in the home and are especially good for basements, home offices, playrooms, and laundry areas. In fact, wherever there is a hard-surfaced floor, you can lay these tiles down to add beauty, warmth, and comfort to your room.

These tiles combine beauty and functionality. They have a carpeted surface with a rubber backer attached to them. These tiles do not hide dirt but when in need of cleaning, they are easy to clean. Their moisture resistance and durability make them a lifetime investment.

We at De Interiors just made it possible by offering the best quality carpet tiles in Karachi and all over Pakistan. Now you can easily decorate your home or workplace with our designer-looking carpet tiles. They are not just stylish but also comfortable to walk over.

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