Fluted Panel (WPC)

There are many ways that you can add texture to the walls in your home or office space, which will create a stunning focal point. Introducing Fluted Wall Panels which is an exciting, innovative way to transform a room. They can be designed in countless ways, so the possibilities are endless, not to mention you can also add some personal flair by creating your own designs.

These decorative faux walls have a texture similar to wood but provide a much less expensive alternative. Available in vertical, chevron and fluted designs, they are meant to provide the eye with a little bit of an interest without overwhelming the space. They come in a number of colour options to help match your existing decor or add some flair!

This decorative accent makes an impact with large, open spaces and high ceilings, but it can also be effective in smaller rooms that need to be divided into separate zones. You can complement the decorative look by dressing the area in furniture and accessories with a similar colour scheme.

At De Interior, we grant you flawless beautification of your home or business environment with our collection of fluted panel walls. We grant you reassurance and the peace of mind that your valuable assets are protected from the rising cost of living. Call now to book a viewing!

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