Epdm Flooring


We understand the importance of safety for your kids. EPDM flooring has been designed keeping kids in mind as it provides a safe playing area for children. This synthetic one is highly elastic and it returns back to its usual shape when the pressure is removed. It is non-toxic and safe in nature, so you need not worry while your child plays on it. It is easy to install and also provides great comfort to kids. As it is easy to maintain, then you don’t need any special care for this. Even if it wears out, you can repair it easily without worrying about problems.

Amidst a heap of different flooring products, synthetic EPDM is one such product that is in great demand. This rubber-based product is primarily used on playgrounds as

In a market full of EPDM flooring in Karachi and all over Pakistan, where do you begin? At De Interior, that’s where. We have researched and found the best options available to help get you going on your projects. From materials to application, our goal is to give you the best experience possible and make it easy for you to find exactly what you need before beginning your project!

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