Raised Flooring


To make sure that the job gets done easily and quickly, we bring forth Raised Flooring in Karachi and all over Pakistan. This steel structure is installed over the fabricated flooring slab and can be customized with your needs in mind.

Special in that it allows easy installation of cables and wires which helps it meet the highest industry standards. No longer do you have to struggle with low-hanging cords! As the name suggests, it provides a height to the room and hence works as a supporting system for machinery and other instruments. They are widely used in data centers and factories.

Raised flooring can help improve air quality, prevent mold and bacteria buildup, and attractively cover ugly crawlspace floors. A lot more people are raising the stage in their basements to create an entertainment room, home gym, or all-purpose space. Call us, and we can help determine if this might work for you too!

De Interiors’ highly sophisticated range of products has been designed to give you the best value for money.

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